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Why Every Sport League Needs a Mobile App

Posted on 4/8/2014 by in Mobile Apps Push Notifications Sponsorship

Sport League Mobile Apps puts an entire suite of professional-level content management tools in the hands of sport leagues of any size. Manage seasons, score games, track and publish stats and standings, create individual team tabs, sponsor tabs, network your teams websites, social media pages and more. This makes mobile the perfect platform for sport leagues to expand into. Mobile devices are now with us all the time, and are in many ways our closest connection to the rest of the world. By launching a mobile app, a sport league, can offer an “always-on” connection with its fans, players, coaches and parents!

Here are some of the features that make mobile apps and websites such powerful tools for strengthening the bonds of religious communities:


1. Send Alerts Directly to Parents, Players & Fans


+ Send messages right to parents phones

+ Inform parents on practice and game cancellations

+ Update parents on new app content


2. Encourage Sponsorship With Special Offers


+ Make your app a revenue generating source

+ Send special offers to parents from sponsors

+ Send sponsor coupons before-during-after the games and practices


With our in-house development team, 529 Mobile Solutions can provide enterprise level native applications. Whether you want an app for your league or team, call us today with the full scope of what you are trying to accomplish and we will consult with you to put together an app that you can monetize. With our online dashboard, clients can manage and control activities that are critical to their leagues. We deliver highly customizable Apps for smartphones and tablets to meet the requirements of every client.


It may seem like just another headache, but the deepened and bolstered connections between the teams and its members are well worth the effort. In fact, a basic app can be created quite easily and cost-effectively using 529 Mobile Solutions. For more info on how we can have your organization’s app up and running in short order, please click here.